Jake Paul, Shakur Stevenson, and Other Boxers Who Reacted to WNBA Athlete Brittney Griner's Prison Sentence

The WNBA star Brittney Griner was arrested in Russia for carrying cannabis. After multiple court hearings and prisoner swap initiatives, she has been sentenced to prison for nine years. The sports fraternity reacted to the sad news including many boxers who took to social media to show disappointment.

Shakur Stevenson

The American professional boxer took to social media and expressed his disappointment over the sentence of 9 years in prison.

Claressa Shields

Shields took to Twitter and wrote that this world is insane and that she will never be going to Russia.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul expressed in a tweet how appalled he is by Griner’s conviction for Cannabis possession and also urged the president to free Griner.

Roy Jones Jr.

The boxing Legend Roy Jones Jr. who holds dual citizenship in both Russia and the US has been reportedly trying to help Griner. After the sentence, he expressed that he is deeply saddened by the situation Brittney Griner is in and said that he feels for her family in the US.

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