Jake Paul's biggest money grabs outside of boxing 

YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul is one of the biggest names in the sport right now and commands a hefty paycheck for his fights. Today we take a look at a few of his cash grabs outside a boxing ring. 

Disney Channel Star 

Paul played 'Dirk' on the hit show 'Bizaardvark' it is reported that Paul was paid around $10,000 per episode. 

Influencer Course 

In 2018, Paul launched his own Influencer training platform 'Edfluence' charging $57 for a course on becoming an influencer. The move was widely criticized and labeled a scam. 

Team 10

Team 10 consisted of Jake Paul and 9 other influencers. Paul owned a stake in all of the talents on the team and received a monthly cut of their earnings. 

Instagram post

It is reported that Paul charges upwards of $100,000 per sponsored post on Instagram. 

Financial Freedom Course 

In 2020, Paul promoted a Financial Freedom course that charged $20/month. It is rumored that he was paid $2 Million to promote the course. 

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