Jutta Leerdam Net Worth: Luxurious Lifestyle of Jake Paul's 5-Time Speedskating World Champion Girlfriend

Jake Paul has shared his personal life with his fans for quite a while now. He has shared about his girlfriend, Jutta Leerdam as well. Jutta Leerdam is a speed skater from the Netherlands and  is a 5-Time speedskating world champion. Let's take a look at her networth and luxurious lifestyle!

Jake Paul's girlfriend, Dutch skater Jutta Leerdam's net worth is believed to be in the range of $1 million to $5 million. With a substantial following of over 4 million on Instagram, she leverages her social media presence to engage in lucrative promotions and further boost her earnings.

Jutta Leerdam's net worth

In 2020, Jutta Leerdam acquired a luxurious villa in Naaldwijk, which is close to her hometown of 's Gravenzande. The impressive property boasts six bedrooms and a spacious garden, and its estimated value is around $1.6 million.


Jutta has a passion for staying fit and often enjoys cycling around her hometown. However, her choice of bike is far from ordinary; she owns a high-end S-Works bike, which comes with a hefty price tag of $14,000.

High end cycles

In addition to her cycling adventures, Jutta also owns a truly spectacular Harley Davidson bike in a striking crimson red color. This extraordinary motorcycle is estimated to be valued at over $50,000 in the US market. With this impressive collection of bikes, Jutta clearly has a taste for both fitness and style.

Harley Davidson bike

Jutta Leerdam has secured multiple lucrative sponsorship agreements with renowned companies such as Red Bull and the sportswear brand Craft. 

Sponsorship agreements

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