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KSI recently discussed the possibility of engaging in a fight with Conor McGregor. Let's look at what KSI had to say!

In a recent conversation with Misfits Boxing, KSI delved into the possibility of confronting the former UFC two-division champion at some point down the line.

KSI delves into possibility of fighting McGregor

He said, "It was pretty weird if I'm being honest. I think I had heard Conor saying that I can't box and this and that, it was pretty embarrassing for him because AJ was like 'nah nah, that's my guy so he looked a little bit stupid there."

"Conor saying I can't box"

He also said, "But with Conor, clearly I think he wants a bite at the cherry, he wants a piece of the king and he understands that this right here is where the money is at - everyone is a normal person at the end of the day, same as me just a normal guy and I treat everyone the same.

McGregor "wants a bite at the cherry"

As per KSI, "Just because he's Conor McGregor doesn't mean anything to me."

"McGregor doesn't mean anything"

Last month, KSI witnessed Anthony Joshua's knockout win at the O2 Arena, where Conor McGregor was promoting his Forged Irish Stout. After the fight, McGregor challenged KSI to a bare-knuckle fight, surprising many as he hadn't previously shown much interest in YouTube boxing.

McGregor challenged KSI

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