Mike Tyson Gifts 24-Karat Gold Bathtub to Wife, Floyd Mayweather’s Exotic Animal, & Other Ridiculous Christmas Presents From Boxing World Over the Years

The holiday season has got the big champions spending heftily on Christmas presents. But this is not the first time that they are doing so. Let us look at a few of the weird, most expensive, and most insane Christmas spending.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson once gifted his wife Robin Givens a 24-carat gold bathtub tub as a Christmas gift. The couple divorced later in the years and the bathtub was sold off.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul once gifted his rival Tyron Woodley a brand-new Rolex watch as a Christmas present just two days before their rematch. It was a brand-new Rolex watch worth around £6,000.

Floyd Mayweather

'Money' Mayweather was once gifted a rare exotic month-old tiger from India as a Christmas present. 

Logan Paul

Paul once shared the love with his fans on Christmas by giving away some first edition unopened Pokemon card packs during his live stream on Christmas day. He spent around 3.5 million on the 6 boxes of 1st Edition Base Set Pokemon cards and gifted one box, or 36 packs, away to his fans.

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