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Amid Scam Accusations, Logan Paul Promises to Expose ‘Bad Actors’

Published 12/24/2022, 12:33 AM EST

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YouTuber turned WWE sensation, Logan Paul is currently making waves in the wrestling world. To top that off he also has a few successful business endeavors which his fans wholeheartedly endorse. But, there is one business venture where Paul drew the ire of his fans and social media users. His dive into the crypto metaverse, the game, CryptoZoo. This venture however cost a lot of fans thousands of dollars in losses. In a recent video, YouTuber Coffeezilla delved into the issue and exposed Paul. And this, in turn, evoked a response from ‘The Maverick’.

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Paul had promoted ‘CryptoZoo‘ as a fun blockchain game that could earn fans money. Moreover, it required users to buy a token called $ZOO, which would allow them the opportunity to get NFT eggs. And also help in buying and selling exotic digital animals.


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Stephen Findeisen AKA Coffeezilla recently released a three-video series, exposing the game as a scam. He even interviewed people who lost money on the game to share their thoughts about the same.

Logan Paul responds to Coffezilla’s statements

Coffeezilla’s video series did not sit well with Logan Paul. And he took to social media to address the issue.

In a tweet, Paul initially commended Coffeezilla for his work ethic and creativity. However, he wasted no time in shutting down the accusations. Paul also mentioned that he will expose the ‘bad actors’ and hold them accountable. It can be speculated that he was referring to the people who spoke in Coffezilla’s videos.


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Additionally, he also mentioned that he will be delving into the issue on the next episode of his podcast.

Coffeezilla, on the other hand, responded to Paul’s tweet. He accused Paul of refusing to talk to him for months. And also mentioned that Paul has not addressed his investors either.

He also called Paul out for calling the users ‘bad actors’.

Paul gets exposed by Coffeezilla

In his videos, Coffeezilla presented a report which exposed CryptoZoo. It should be mentioned that he had, in fact, spent an entire year on research for this docuseries.


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USA Today via Reuters

One of the users, HelicopterBob, lost USD 7000 in CryptoZoo. And he spoke about the same in Coffeezilla’s video, “It never worked from the beginning. It wasn’t even written into the contract where it showed if you could yield with Zoo. But there was no way to claim your yield. There never was.”

It was reported that users had brought over USD 2.5 million worth of crypto eggs. But were left without any options to withdraw their money.


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