Mike Tyson's biggest cash grabs outside boxing

During the 1980s and 1990s Mike Tyson was one of the most famous athletes in the world. This meant multiple income streams outside the boxing ring. Today we take a look at some of Mike Tyson's biggest paydays outside the octagon. 


Tyson and the soda giant agreed on a whopping $12 million endorsement deal. However, Tyson walked away with only $2million as Pepsi cut tied due to reports of domestic violence by Tyson. 

The Hangover appearance

Tyson Walked away with a neat $200,000 for his cameo in the hit movie The Hangover. 


Tyson collaborated with Nintendo for a video game where he was the final character that users had to defeat. The partnership bought in about $350,000 for 'Iron Mike'. 

Dancing with the stars 

'Iron Mike' appeared on the famous reality TV show 'Dancing with the Stars' where he reportedly pocketed $1million. 


It is reported that Tyson's appearance at Wrestlemania pocketed him a cool $3million which was the highest guest fees paid at the time. 

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