Most Bizarre Things Jake Paul Has Done on Camera: Stealing Floyd Mayweather's Hat, Sneaking Into the White House, and More

Jake Paul is infamously known for doing whatever it takes to grab the attention of his audience. Whether or not it's a YouTube video, the 'Problem Child' has done several bizarre things over the years. Here, we take a look at the most bizarre things Jake Paul has done on camera.

Gotcha Hat

After the first press conference of Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul, Jake went ahead to mock Mayweather and stole his hat while screaming 'Gotcha Hat', which left the boxing legend very angry. This incident immediately went viral.

Once he Snuck Inside
The White House

The 'Problem Child' once snuck into the White House in Washington D.C to film a YouTube video and spent the entire night there, where he camped out in one of the restrooms.

Getting Unintentionally
Involved in Bad Situations

Jake Paul has unintentionally got involved in bad situations several times, such as his "Mall Looting and Vandalizing" controversy during the 'Black Lives Matter' peaceful protest, getting raided by the FBI, and more.

Handcuffed for 24 Hours

For one of his old YouTube videos, Paul decided to do a 24 hour handcuffed challenge with his then-girlfriend Erika Costell, which he failed to do for the entire 24 hours. Regardless, it was ridiculous. 

Got Married Twice

The 'Problem Child' has "unofficially" married twice on the camera. The first time he married Erika Costell, and the second time he married Tana Mongeau. 

Goes Crazy on the News

After creating a lot of chaos in his old neighborhood, a news channel covered a story on Paul to show the bizarre things he does for his YouTube channel. When the media arrived, the 'Problem Child', along with his old Team 10 members, did all sorts of crazy things on camera.

Tried Sneaking into T-Series

Akin to his White House situation, Paul once tried sneaking into one of the T-Series offices in India. However, he got caught and was asked to leave the premises.

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