Real Reason Laila Ali Named Her Cat 'Madonna' After Parent's Divorce

Laila Ali who is an American television personality and retired professional boxer is also regarded as one of the greatest female boxers of all time. The daughter of iconic boxer Muhammad Ali mentioned her take on her parents’ divorce, getting a cat and naming it after her favorite singer. Let's dig in to know more about what she mentioned in her book.

Laila Ali in the third chapter of her book, Reach!: Finding Strength, Spirit, and Personal Power has revealed about her parent’s divorce and how it didn't affect her mentally.

Ali on Parent’s Divorce 

She wrote, “I also didn’t mind when my parents broke up for good. Besides, I had no love for the mansion. It was too big, too cold, too fancy. A smaller house brought the promise of a closer family maybe even warmth and togetherness. So, when we moved only a few blocks away on Longwood Avenue, I was happy."

Ali got herself a cat post her parent’s divorce which acted as an added bonus for her along with the smaller house that she got.

Laila Post Parent's Separation

Ali has further disclosed in her book that her cat was named after one of her favorite singers, Madonna. She wrote, “Besides getting to live in a cozier house, I’d get to have a cat. I named her Madonna. (Madonna and Whitney Houston were my two favorite singers)"

Who Was Cat Named

Laila Ali expressed that a large mansion and material possessions were not that important for her but rather the love and affection of her father Muhammad Ali.

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