Roman 'chocolatito' gonzalez vs juan francisco estrada: five interesting facts you should know 

Roman 'Chocolatito' Gonzalez takes on Juan Francisco estrada this weekend. ahead of this fight we share a few things you must know about both men.


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'Chocolatito' and Estrada face each other in an epic rematch 3039 days on from the first time they fought each other.

A Stellar rematch awaits 

Gonzalez's father trained at the same gym he trains at. His father was nicknamed 'Chocolate' therefore it was only befitting that his son was nicknamed 'Chocolatito'

Story Behind 'Chocolatito'

Roman Gonzalez is the first ever four-division Nicaraguan champion.

Roman Gonzalez in the history books

Juan Francisco Estrada lost his parents at an early age. Due to which he was moved from one house to another till he finally settled down with an aunt.

Tough childhood 

Estrada started boxing as a nine-year old. He dominated the amateur scene and was a four time national champion

Four Time National Champion

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