Suffering from Crippling Nerve Condition, Mike Tyson Reveals the Only Good Thing About Wheelchair 

During a discussion on his podcast, "Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson," the former heavyweight boxing champion shared a surprising perspective on his health condition, sciatica, highlighting an unconventional benefit and offering a fresh outlook on coping with physical challenges.

Tyson, the renowned boxing legend, has been suffering from sciatica, a condition that occasionally demands the use of a wheelchair.

Tyson battling with sciatica

However, Tyson has surprisingly stated that there is an upside to using a wheelchair, which he revealed while speaking to Dr. Abhinav Gautam, a Connective Tissue Restoration Expert.

Upside of using a wheelchair

Tyson said, "Listen, the only good thing about being in a wheelchair, you go right in first class. In front of everybody in the airport bye all right first class yeah."

What upside does Tyson see to a wheelchair?

Dr. Gautam discussed his mother's battle with sciatica and her upcoming travel, "...Mike was dealing with it I mean just listen to what he said you’re gonna just skip all the lines yeah get straight on the plane get off the plane. We’ll pick you up-“

Dr. Gautam's mother's battle with sciatica 

Tyson had some advice on this as well,  "Yeah as soon as you get out they hold you get in the wheelchair, boom."

Tyson's advice

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