Terence Crawford Weighs In On Jermell Charlo's Fight Against Canelo Alvarez

Canelo Alvarez Dominated The Jermell Charlo Fight, Securing A Comfortable Unanimous Decision Victory After A Seventh-Round Knockdown. But Terence Crawford Has something to comment on About Charlo's Performance.

Terence crawford weighs in on canelo vs charlo

Accusing Charlo of lacking effort, Terence Crawford, the undisputed welterweight world champion, remarked that it seemed Charlo didn't even attempt to beat Canelo in their bout.

"You Went Out Sad"

crawford expressed his emotions and bashed Charlo for not even attempting to win, "You went out sad. Didn’t even try to win, all you did was try to survive. You should be ashamed of yourself."

crawford not interested in fighting charlo

Having observed Jermell's bout against Canelo, Crawford disclosed that he has lost interest in a potential fight with Charlo. he wrote, "Ok y’all I’m over Jermell Charlo he’s no longer on my hit list."

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