“No One in UFC History Comes Anywhere Close” – Jake Paul Passes Verdict on Conor McGregor’s Leaked Payout but Fans Completely Disagree With Him

Published 11/02/2023, 10:09 PM EDT

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Conor McGregor was once named the highest-paid athlete on the planet. Now he’s being laughed at by the likes of Jake Paul. In a recent revelation, fans discovered that a court document of the UFC had been leaked. And with it, McGregor’s earnings from his fights.

And Jake Paul was quick to take a bite out of the ‘The Notorious’. His reaction to learning about the payouts wasn’t exactly kind. And fans were ready to defend their favorite Irishman. Here are some of the best fan reactions to the story from Instagram.

Fans react to Paul’s comment on Conor McGregor


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The comment flared up right after the earnings were leaked. The post that leaked them would soon get deleted, however, the damage was done. McGregor had been paid amounts that would cross $6 million for some of his fights. Seeing this, Paul said: “This is f*cking hilarious and sad at the same time.” This did not help his image with McGregor’s fans.


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“Those are UFC payouts. Not boxing. These payouts are INSANE bro. No one in UFC history comes anywhere close.”


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Some fans correctly alleged that this kind of money is appealing to everyone.

“I think anyone would love that money”

Others were busy comparing Paul and McGregor.

“let’s compare his earnings in the floyd fight to jakes whole fight career earnings”

“Jake would NEVER understand what glory is”

Other’s alleged that Paul was just doing it all to gain McGregor’s attention to get a fight out of him.

“Bro is never getting that fight”

“Jake Paul trynna set up a fight with Connor”

Finally, one fan realized that these earnings may not include some other things.

“Jake’s wayyyyyyyy to dumb to realize that it’s not included his sponsorships and stuff”

McGregor was the highest-paid athlete in the world in 2021 if Forbes is to be believed. Now, the fighter makes millions still. Off his investments in his brand of alcohol Proper 12 and now Forged Irish Stout from his bar and restaurant in Ireland.


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Conor McGregor and boxing

Fans have an allegation against Jake Paul. The prize-fighter has been known for trash-talking fighters in the past. However, can he out-trash the Irishman? Fans feel like Paul is trying all he can do to drag McGregor into the ring with him. In fact, his brother, Logan Paul echoed the same desire after winning an ill-fated fight against Dillon Danis, McGregor’s teammate.

Jake Paul Hopes to Show Conor McGregor That He Wants a “Payday”


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‘The Notorious’ has previously fought a boxing match against Floyd Mayweather. He lost the ten-round match, however, it was a fairly successful venture for McGregor. Now, the question is, will McGregor fall for Paul’s tricks? Only time can really tell.

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