The Oscar De La Hoya Eddie Hearn Beef So Far

Over the years, the tension between Eddie Hearn from Matchroom Boxing and Oscar De La Hoya, the head of Golden Boy Promotions has escalated due to their past interactions and divergent views on matchmaking, creating a significant animosity between them. It started with the signing of boxing superstar Canelo Alvarez. Let's look at their beef so far!

Oscar De La Hoya tweeted tagging Hearn, saying, "#lonesomeEddie top rank will not work with you pbc thinks you are a joke and we all know how I feel about you."

Hoya calls Hearn "lonesome"

Eddie Hearn replied with, "Do you remember when you flew into NYC begging to sign Berlanga? Watch him live on @DAZNBoxing tonight 😘"

Hearn brings up Berlanga

To this De La Hoya replied with, "I do but you promised him Canelo 😂" to be replied with " Who have you promised Ryan next? 🫣"

Hearn's clever jibe

Hoya continued with the word battle, "#lonesomeEddie you couldn’t deliver @EdgarBerlangaJr to Canelo and now your throwing Munguías name? Good luck. 😂"

Hoya's reply to Hearn

Hoya has recently blasted off to Hearn in his tweet, "@EddieHearn blowing a shit load of other people’s money and showing shit for it is ludicrous. You think you can just come here and poach our fighters? Who have you built? Your a joke. Go back promoting darts 🎯 😂 at least @LEllerbe and @BobArum know what they are doing."

Hoya blasts off at Hearn

Hearn, instead of giving a proper reply, took a jab at Oscal De La Hoya's grammar. He tweeted, "* You're"

Hearn's jab at Hoya

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