Tyson Fury Calls Out Jon Jones For Showdown Ahead Of October Bout

Tyson Fury is making his boxing comeback in October against former UFC heavyweight champion Francis 'The Predator' Ngannou in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. However, Fury has his eyes set on his next opponent already - Jon Jones. In fact, Fury has called him out for a fight in the cage!

As per Fury's latest statement, "I’d like to fight Ngannou in the cage, I think I can beat him for sure. He’s not a good wrestler, he’s known for striking and I’m a better striker than him. In little gloves, I’d knock him out in seconds… I’d fight Jon Jones also in the cage, if the money was right"

Fury challenges Ngannou for cage fight

He also stated, "[The four-ounce gloves] would make me a lot more devastating and it’s something that I’m quite accustomed to. Like I said, me and my brother, we’re always wrestling up and down. Loads of us, we’re always punching all of each other."

Fury claims four ounce gloves make him devastating 

He claimed, "None of us have got any skill like trained for MMA or anything, we’ve all been boxers, but it’s something that we’ve always been involved in. Always. Even in the gym today. We always bring in big lads for wrestling."

"We always bring in big lads"

Fury also stated, "No Heavyweights do that. Bring in all the big lads for wrestling. But guess what they’re gonna do these Heavyweights? They’re gonna come in and grab me like this. They’re gonna lean on me and when I do it to them they seem to be all f—ked up but when they do it to me I’m like, ‘Haha, been here before! Come on! Get your hips down, get under it.’”

"No heavyweights can do that"

Fury's main challenge right now is his upcoming fight with Francis Ngannou, which will likely determine the prospects of a bout with Jon Jones. The transition from boxing to MMA has seen mixed results in the combat sports world.

Fury's main challenge is Ngannou

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