Tyson Fury's Training and Diet Routine for Francis Ngannou Fight

Tyson Fury is all set to go up against Francis Ngannou on Saturday, October 28, 2023, in Riyadh. Let's look at how he is prepping himself ahead of the fight.

In a video, we see Fury performing cardio exercises like running the treadmill and working on gym equipment.


We also see Fury practicing his punching techniques on a punching bag.


In the video, Fury is also performing some never-before-seen before exercises, like having a ball punched on his stomach while he lies down in a boxing ring.


Fury is also working out and perfecting his punching on a punching bag in the boxing ring.


Further in the same video, we see him doing pushups, which will strengthen his arm strength, ahead of his fight with Francis Ngannou.

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