Watch: Mike Tyson Gets Emotional While John Fury Makes a "Sorry" Confession About Late Cus D'Amato 

During a recent interview, John Fury and Mike Tyson reflected on the pivotal role of Cus D'Amato in Tyson's life, highlighting how the Italian-American trainer became a father figure and legal guardian after Tyson's mother's passing in 1982.

In a recent episode of Boxing Arabia, John Fury opened up about his feelings of grief when Cus D'Amato, Tyson's mentor, passed away.

John Fury expressed grief

He said, “You know, I spent my whole life admiring him, you know, and I felt sorry for him at the same time because, you know, for a guy, when Cus died, he was like a father to him.” 

"I felt sorry for him"

In a heartfelt revelation, John Fury expressed his sadness while watching old documentaries of Tyson, particularly those featuring him with his pigeons and Cus D'Amato.

John Fury expressed sadness

Fury stated, “I thought, you know what, if he could come here and meet us, we could be his brothers; their father could have been his father and looked after him for the man he is, not for what people can get out out of him.”

"We could be his brothers"

During his teenage years, Mike Tyson faced numerous hardships, but his life took a positive turn when Cus D'Amato, an Italian-American trainer, became his father figure by bringing him to his stable. Following the passing of Tyson's mother in 1982, D'Amato even became his legal guardian.

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