Five Times Vitor Belfort Annihilated His Opponents Inside The UFC Octagon

UFC legend Vitor Belfort will make his professional boxing debut against the boxing legend Evander Holyfield on September 11, 2021. Ahead of this intriguing legend vs. legend bout, here, we take a look at five times Vitor Belfort annihilated his opponents inside the UFC octagon.

Scott Ferrozzo -
February 1997

Belfort only needed 43 seconds of the first round to win the UFC 12 Heavyweight Tournament by TKO by landing ferocious punches from the top position.

Wanderlei Silva -
October 1998

In his light heavyweight debut, Belfort wasted no time and unleashed an explosive barrage of punches to claim a TKO victory in just 44 seconds of the first round.

Michael Bisping -
January 2013

Belfort landed several kicks and strikes and dominated Bisping throughout the fight. He eventually claimed a second-round TKO victory and rightfully so was awarded the 'Knockout of the Night' bonus.

Luke Rockhold -
May 2013

It only took 2:32 minutes of the first round for 'The Phenom' to win this fight via KO by landing a vicious spinning heel kick followed by a barrage of punches.

Dan Henderson (Rematch) - November 2013

Belfort dominated Henderson by a brutal ground-and-pound. Henderson managed to get back up just to get hit by a vicious head kick by Belfort that knocked him out cold in the first round.

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