5 Indie Titles To Play If You Own A Steam Deck

Steam deck is something of a hit, even after some strong competition it has managed to stay at the top. Here are a few indie games that every Steam Deck Owner needs to play.

fog of war mode

This new mode would give players a new challenge. It would fog out all the undiscovered areas in that map and players have to go about discovering them.

baldur's gate 3

A massive RPG that takes players on a thrilling 300+ hour journey as they try their best to extract a very powerful force taking over the world. Its a very deep game with a lot of stuff to do, a perfect fit for Steam Deck.

stardew valley

A farming game that would never get old. Play through it whenever you just want to enjoy a laid-back game. Spend seasons growing crops, fishing, and managing your livestock.

don't starve

A survival game with horror elements. Worth spending 100+ hours on. Its a game full of surprises and would be even more fun with friends.


Experience a bloody Quentin Tarantino-esque combat in this side-scrolling beat-em-up. This game never gets old no matter how many times one plays it.

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