Kick vs. Tackles: Does Notorious Streamer Adin Ross Out-Earn NFL Superstar and Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Jalen Hurts?

Streaming has become a highly profitable career choice for many people these days, and streamers are gaining a lot of popularity and recognition as a result. Adin Ross is such a streamer who has achieved popularity and fame equivalent to established superstars. But how much money does he make? According to some accounts, His new contract with 'Kick' is more than NFL quarterback Jalen Hurts contract with Philadelphia Eagles. Let's look into it. 

Adin Ross gets a massive contract with Kick

The recently created streaming platform 'Kick' is gaining traction among streamers and viewers. Meanwhile, Adin Ross received a huge contract from the platform. 

Adin ross is way ahead of NFL player Jalen hurt

The NFL player, Jalen Hurt was in news for his supermassive contract, with Philadelphia Eagles which is worth $255 million for 5 years. if we break it to a yearly basis, then it is, $51 Million. Whereas Adin Ross will earn $75 million per year. Which stands at $24 million extra than Hurt. 

A fan page on Twitter shared the news by posting an image of his and Jalen Hurt's contract comparison on Twitter. Meanwhile, fans are very happy for the streamer after they hear the news.

What do fans think about the deal?

Fans are astonished. A fan named Otoko wrote, "No way bro 75m". Another fan named Eric Tradman wrote, "Bro gets paid to do nothing. I’m inspired, where do I sign up?"/ Meanwhile what is your take on this? 

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