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Carlos Sainz Encouraged to Contact Toto Wolff as Potential Audi Move Lacks Promise

After news of Carlos Sainz Jr. being replaced by Lewis Hamilton got out, F1 insiders shared their opinion on what the Spaniard should do.

Viren Mirpuri

1 day ago

Toto Wolff, Carlos Sainz

Oscar Piastri’s “Achilles Heel” Exposed with Lando Norris’ Prediction Tipped to Make Things Worse

With Oscar Piastri's Achilles heel exposed, Lando Norris also makes a concerning statement regarding the team's chances in 2024.

Mahim Suhalka

1 day ago

NORRIS Lando (gbr), McLaren F1 Team MCL60, portrait PIASTRI Oscar (aus), McLaren F1 Team MCL60, portrait press conferenc

Toto Wolff Salutes Lewis Hamilton’s ‘Pragmatic’ Ferrari Move Despite Losing His Dear Friend to Rivals

Toto Wolff explains how Lewis Hamilton thinks before making any big life-altering decisions like the one to switch to Ferrari in 2025.

Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton (2)

Lewis Hamilton Will Be “Perez the Second” at Ferrari if He Fails to Captivate Hearts of Tifosi

Lewis Hamilton given an early piece of advice before he completes his blockbuster move to Ferrari to help him win the Tifosi over.

Mahim Suhalka

1 day ago

Belgian Grand Prix

Toto Wolff: Nico Rosberg Abruptly Leaving Was a “Bigger Surprise” Than Lewis Hamilton’s Ferrari Bombshell

Toto Wolff reveals that losing Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari was not as surprising as a former Mercedes driver deciding to retire.

Viren Mirpuri

1 day ago

Toto Wolff, Lewis Hamilton, and Nico Rosberg

Carlos Sainz, Max Verstappen, and Fernando Alonso Join Forces to Oppose F1’s ‘Risky’ Calendar

Other Formula 1 drivers are joining up with Max Verstappen in an attempt to put a stop on the ever-expanding Formula 1 calendar

Fernando Alonso, Max Verstappen, and Carlos Sainz

Max Verstappen’s Path Turns Challenging for Bahrain GP – Ferrari Leaps Forward, McLaren Rising and Hamilton on a Mission

With the advent of media day for 2024 season opener, one wonders if Max Verstappen and Red Bull can be beaten


1 day ago

Emilia Romagna Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton Predicts Another Championship for Mercedes While Strongly Standing by “Right” Ferrari Decision

Lewis Hamilton stands by his decision to move to Ferrari despite him believing that Mercedes has a chance of winning the championship.

Viren Mirpuri

1 day ago

Las Vegas Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton Gives Teary-Eyed Tribute to Mercedes: “There Will Be Many Emotional Experiences”

Lewis Hamilton gets emotional as he starts his final season in Formula 1 with Mercedes after achieving so much with the team over the years.

Bahrain Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton Confidently Crowns George Russell as Mercedes’ Next Leader Before Bahrain GP

Lewis Hamilton is confident that George Russell will be able to take over his role at Mercedes. But what role is he talking about?

Pranay Bhagi

1 day ago

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell

Max Verstappen Sends F1 a “New Perspective” as He Offers Big Idea to Evolve Broadcasting

Max Verstappen was super impressed with the quality of footage captured by the RBD-1 drone as he drove around at Silverstone.

Spanish Grand Prix

Toto Wolff Admits: Not Signing Max Verstappen in 2014 Caused Uncertainty Over Lewis Hamilton’s Current Contract

Toto Wolff couldn't give a long-term contract to Lewis Hamilton because he was keeping his options open for a young Mercedes junior driver.

Max Verstappen, Toto Wolff & Lewis Hamilton

Max Verstappen’s Siblings: Everything We Know About Victoria, Blue Jaye, Jason Jaxx, and Mila Faye

Here's the lowdown on Max Verstappen's siblings, from blood sister Victoria to step-siblings Blue Jaye, Jason Jaxx, and Mila Faye.

Viren Mirpuri

1 day ago

(L) Victoria Verstappen, (M) Max Verstappen and (R) Sophie Kumpen

Lewis Hamilton’s Painful Experience Forces F1 to Take Instant Measures

Formula 1 fixed a major issue at Bahrain after Lewis Hamilton and fellow drivers raised major concerns for the upcoming Grand Prix.

Las Vegas Grand Prix

“I’ll Always Be a Mercedes Fan”: Lewis Hamilton Gives Emotional Tribute to Toto Wolff & Co.

Lewis Hamilton once again talks about the most difficult decision of his life of leaving Mercedes and makes an important revelation.

Mahim Suhalka

1 day ago

Mexico City Grand Prix

Toto Wolff Urges F1 to Take Christian Horner Case “Very Seriously” by Highlighting “Reputation Issues”

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff breaks his silence on the touchy Christian Horner topic and urges for a serious investigation to save reputation.

Mahim Suhalka

1 day ago

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