Top 10 Changes in The Last Of Us Remake

The Last of us has some of the best details in it, however, its remake makes this part of the game even more upgraded.

Seamless Transitions

While interacting with objects in the remake just before the cutscene, the game doesn't use a black cutout to make the transition, instead makes it seamless.

Walking pace

Unlike the original, The Last of Us Part 1 Remake makes its character jog, instead of slowing down their pace for the interactions.

Weapon Recoil

The recoil in weapons are more accurate and smoother than the previous game.


Graphics is one of the main focus of this game as the remakes enhance the original by 2x.

Listen Mode

The focus listening mechanism of the game was changed from a white outline to a white silhouette.

Infected behaviour

The AI for Infected enemies have changed, as they can now crawl as well as charge toward you just like in the second part.


Apart from the original game, the remake uses the mechanism of the second part to show Joel modifying his gun.


The HUD of the game is more organized than the original one. 

Bow and Arrow

The button combination and aiming has changed a bit matching it with the gun shooting.

joel's phone

The phone in the remake changes both in looks and internal system, with a photo of Joel and his daughter, as well as the time.

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