Top 10 Male Streamers Of 2022

Streaming is the most proficient way to gain popularity. Thus here are the top 10 most popular streamers of 2022.

“TimTheTatman” – Timothy John Betar

TimTheTatman likes to have a good rage while playing his favorite First-person-shooter games. Tim has done a great job of gaining followers at a rapid pace. He first started out streaming on Twitch in 2012.


Dakotaz is an elite level Fornite player, renowned for his legendary sniping, and spontaneous catchphrases such as: “be careful and we hit those”!

“Summit1g” – Jaryd Lazar

Summit1g is an American Twitch streamer and a former semi-pro CS:GO player.

“TSM_Daequan” – Daequan Loco

TSM_Daequan is known above all for his Fortnite content, and elite skills across a variety of first-person shooter games. In 2018 he set a world record for the most kills in a Fortnite game, netting 40 kills in a team match by himself!

“Myth” – Ali Kabbani

Myth is the captain for Team SoloMid’s Fortnite Team, and is the youngest streamer on our list. His popularity shot up on the platform following the success of Fortnite.

“DrDisrespect” – Guy Beahm

DrDisrespect has been described by ESPN as a “WWE character in the competitive gaming world”. Not only is he 6ft 8” tall, but he also has an explosive personality to match his online persona.

“DrLupo” – Benjamin Lupo

DrLupo is one of the “mature” kids on the block, who is well known for being a father, husband, and his generous works with local charity partnerships.

“Tfue” – Turner Ellis Tenney

Tfue is a former pro-esports athlete for “FaZeClan”, after having a bust-up with the company.

“Shroud” – Michael Grzesiek

Shroud began his gaming career by competing with several ESEA teams, before signing as a “pro”, and finally transitioning to streaming.

“Ninja” – Richard Tyler Blevins

Ninja is another ‘ex-Twitch’ streamer, and arguably the most famous gamer in the world. Similar to Shroud, he has now also moved over to Mixer.

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