Top 5 Games to Play if You Didn’t Like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Call of duty Modern Warfare 3 launched recently, it hardly provides enough distraction for lovers of singleplayer experiences. For such players, here's a list of few FPS games that are insanely good. 


One of the craziest first-person shooters ever made. Go on an interplanetary run in search of a very weird enemy. On the way. shoot kick and shoot some more.

Doom 2016

Ever had a power fantasy of being the ultimate hero whom everyone fears? Well, Doom guy is one such person who sends shivers down the spines of forces of hell in this awesome fast paced shooter.

Wolfenstein The new Order

What would have happened if Hitler had won World War 2? This game shows exactly that, and in an interesting way, A blockbuster story with faced paced gameplay that even allows you to dual wield shotguns!

max payne 3

The ultimate game in the series. One of the best shooters Rockstar Games has ever created. Every gun you fire feels different and its visuals are just mind-blowing. 

metro exodus

The latest in the Metro series of games, Exodus gives players access to a beautiful open world. Satisfying shooting and yet another thought-provoking tale awaits fans in Metro Exodus.

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