Top Finances that made Amouranth the Twitch Queen of Investments

ASMR Queen Amouranth is considered one of the most brainy twitch streamers for her investments. Thus here are the Top finances by her.

Inflatable Pool Company

On January 2022, Amouranth invested $7 million in an inflatable pool company, as she herself is well known for streaming in one.

Adding More Stake Into Google

On February 2022, Amouranth added upto $2 million to her wealth by investing more in Google.


Following the Microsoft x Activision deal, Amouranth invested $2 million in Activision on March 28th, 2022.


On May 11th 2022, Amouranth invested $1.08 million in Twitch's parent company Amazon, and on January 2023 she did the same again.

Buys A 7-eleven store

On November 2022, she made her biggest investment ever by buying a 7-eleven store attached to a car wash for $10 million.

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