$300,000 McLaren Legacy Dedicated to Ayrton Senna Craned into $39,000,000 Penthouse

In a civilization as materialistic as ours, the appeal of vehicles is significant. People who wish to display their unrivalled wealth have traditionally gravitated towards luxury goods and businesses with strong racing histories. Others go to great measures to make sure that everything they possess is imprisoned, or rather housed, in a way that screams volumes about their wealth, while some people just want to own a piece of history. Everyone strives to emulate McLaren and their legendary F1 heritage.

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an undying dynasty 

Ayrton Senna and McLaren forged an undying dynasty in the annals of Formula 1 history. So much so that the team decided to dedicate a 659 bhp monster to the man. Out of this was born the McLaren Senna. The mid-engine sports car is McLaren’s ode to Senna’s legacy with the team and in the sport.

 the most sought-after pieces of automotive art 

According to them, “Inspired by one of McLaren’s greatest racing drivers, the McLaren Senna is utterly dedicated to allowing the driver to be the best they can possibly be.” Naturally, this is one of the most sought-after pieces of automotive art that a person can buy. And $350,000,000 worth tech-entrepreneur, Adrian Portelli did so! But that wasn’t it. He wanted more! According to The Trillionaire Life on Instagram, “A businessman in Melbourne has craned his $3,000,000 McLaren Senna GTR car into his $39,000,000 penthouse apartment!”

Fans quote Fast and Furious after McLaren Senna’s owner plans to cage the beast

Automobile enthusiasts often take their chosen hobby a little too seriously. And as soon as word of the Senna becoming the centre of attention spread, fans flocked to Instagram to express their outrage. Instead of being in awe, they made the choice to make fun of Portelli and the Fast and Furious series.
One fan wrote, “Burnouts on the 57th floor hit different.” While another commented, “Fast and furious members are on the way.”

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