5 of the biggest crashes in f1 history feat. alonso, grosjean & senna

F1 is a high-octane sports that involves the risk of your life.

While trying to push the limits, a few times drivers can go over the edge and crash, sometimes fatally.

Here are 5 of the biggest crashes in the rich history of the sport.

Warning:This contains scenes that viewers may find disturbing. So, descretion is advised.

Fernando Alonso
2016 Australian GP

While trying to overtake Esteban Guiterrez, Alonso crashed at a high speed and summersaulted his way to safety at the barriers.

Credit: Youtube/NBC

Ayrton Senna
1994 San Marino GP

The crash that shook the F1 world. Senna's fatal demise brought wholesome changes to safety in the sport.

Credit: Youtube/TheOriginStory

Robert Kubica
2007 Canadian GP

Robert Kubica can consider himself very lucky to walk unharmed from this crash. As, you can see, his legs are seeping out of the car from the nose.

Credit: Youtube/Slender_04F1

Romain Grosjean
2020 Bahrain GP

Another crash that is testament to the modern day safety standards of the sport. If not for halo and fire marshalls, Grosjean would be a dead man walking.

Credit: Youtube/Skylinemotion

Ronnie Peterson
1978 Italian GP

The most devastating case of a first lap tangle in the history of F1. 'Super Swede' Ronnie Peterson's car got sandwiched and caught fire immediately.

Credit: Youtube/Limitless Race TV

His fellow driver pulled him out from the burning wreckage. However, unlike Romain today, he was not so lucky as he sadly died the next day in hospital.

Credit: Youtube/Limitless Race TV

An honorable mention to a crash that could have witnessed similar consequences in last season...

Safety car restart
2020 Tuscan GP

From the restart at Mugello, as many as five cars collided and took each other out of the race after some confusion.

Credit: Youtube/F1 Time

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