Amidst Allegations Against Ryan Reynolds’ $218 Million Investment, Alpine CEO Finally Speaks About the Mega Deal

Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds is gradually making his mark in the sporting world. After becoming the owner of the 5th division English soccer club, Wrexham AFC, he also bought stakes in the F1 team, Alpine. However, many have doubted the reality of that deal. Meanwhile, the CEO of Alpine finally opened his mouth about the possible deal. 

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Reynolds’ deal with Alpine

Earlier, Reynolds purchased Wrexham AFC for $2.5 million. Now, he bought 24% stakes in the French-based F1 team, Alpine for really $218 million. It seems like the Canadian actor will be making an appearance in the Alpine garage, soon. Moreover, there’s a huge buzz around his appearance with his wife Blake Lively as well. 

Former F1 team boss slammed Reynolds’ deal

Ex-F1 team boss, Eddie Jordan recently said, “First of all, I won’t use the word fake news, but I mean, there’s absolutely no way from an accounting point of view – the financial model doesn’t stack up. It’s preposterous. It’s ridiculous.”

Alpine CEO finally opens up

Alpine CEO, Laurent Rossi finally opened up about the deal, saying, “This association is an important step to enhance our performance at all levels. First, Otro Capital, RedBird Capital Partners and Maximum Effort Investments, as international players with strong track record in the sports industry, will bring their recognized expertise to boost our media and marketing strategy…”

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