Emotional Rafael Nadal Gets a Cheer Up from Ferrari's Carlos Sainz After Roland-Garros Withdrawal

A teary-eyed Rafael Nadal bid adieu to his mate and rival Roger Federer last year. He stated, “A part of me left with him”. The 36-year-old is now himself towards the end of his career and is seeing an injury-filled repeat of how the run of Federer’s retirement looked like. Yesterday, he announced that he won’t be taking part in the French Open as his body has commanded him (via the injuries). Seeing this emotional submission, an F1 star and compatriot came out in support.

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 King of Clay bows out of his favorite turf

With a heavy heart, speaking to the media, Nadal said, “I don’t think I deserve to end like this.” And perhaps the chills of this statement ran through the entire sporting world and beyond. The man who has 22 Grand Slam wins to his name has won 14 of them on Clay courts and rightly named the King of Clay bowed out of his favorite turf.

CARlos Sainz's TRIBUTE 

The world which has screamed Vamos every time the legendary player has set foot on the court could just only sigh. Joining millions of fans, Ferrari driver, Carlos Sainz posted a story on his Instagram which said, “Cheer up LEGEND! We are with you @rafaelnadal!”

F1 driver Carlos Sainz focuses on the immediate future at Ferrari

Carlos Sainz has not had an ideal outing in the 2023 campaign so far. And while many have blamed Ferrari, a few have urged the man to jump ships with possibilities of new teams coming in. But he has his eyes only on the immediate future.

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