From jimmy kimmel to ellen:
Lewis Hamilton's talk show appearances

While most drivers prefer to stay away from the limelight off track, Lewis Hamilton embraces his fame.

The 7-time F1 champion has frequently appeared in famous talk shows like...

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Lewis' pee F1 Story

To her disgust, Ellen finds out that F1 drivers tend to pee in the cockpit. Thankfully, Lewis does not follow it.

Credit: Youtube/Viral Videos

Forever faster with James Corden

Hamilton scares Corden

The Mercedes driver took James Corden out for a spin while answering his questions simultaneously.

Credit: Youtube/Puma

The Jonathan Ross Show

Pie-faced Lewis

Unlucky Lewis is first to get the cream on his face in a game of pie-face with Jonathan Ross and fellow guests.

Credit: Youtube/Jonathan Ross show

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Lewis flaunts his wealth

Hamilton reveals the reason behind painting his private jet red. It's since been sold by the environmentally conscious Lewis.

Credit: Youtube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

In-depth with Graham Bensinger

Lewis' inhibitions

The Briton revealed his innermost thoughts and secrets in a personal chat with Graham Bensinger.

Credit: Youtube/Graham Bensinger

The Graham Norton Show

Two Brits interact

Hamilton made an appearance on the Graham Norton show, with Ricky Gervais also present as a guest.

Credit: Youtube/Graham Norton show

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