How F1 Escaped a Huge Safety Disaster at the 2023 Azerbaijan GP in Baku

"It could have been a big big one today." those were the words of Esteban Ocon as F1 narrowly avoided a disaster at the end of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix Personnel were allowed into the pit Lane before the end of the race in Baku crucially when a car was still due to come in for a pit stop.

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Scary near-miss

Ocon held on until the start of the final lap to make his stop but when he arrived in the pit entry he was greeted with scrambling people who were getting into position around the Parc Ferme barriers where the leading cars stop after the race so how did this happen what did the FIA say about it and how can a repeat be avoided.


The scary incident prompted the race stewards to summon the FIA Representatives responsible for the Parc Ferme a setup while the stewards are there working for the FIA they're entirely independent of the Sport's governing body so this wasn't really a case of the FIA investigating itself after an investigation that include walking through the procedures that are currently in place the steward statement made clear how seriously the severity of the incident. 

This is not Acceptable

Regardless of the reasons for allowing people into the pit Lane on the final lap of the race the system F1 has in place for this is not fit for purpose nobody is better placed to comment on this than Ocon as he was the driver confronted with a gathering of people as he came in to make his Pit Stop.

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