How is Sergio Perez So Good at Street Tracks in F1?

Sergio Perez so good on Street circuits the numbers don't lie, all of Perez's wins for Red bull have come on Street tracks Monaco, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and now twice in Azerbaijan in fact the only wind Perez has taken on a permanent circuit was his Maiden victory for racing point in the chaotic 2020 Sakai Grand Prix.

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Street circuit master

Perez's 19 F1 podiums have come on Street tracks so that means 34 of his podiums are taken up on tracks that have comprised just 17 of his F1 career he compared to all of his teammates in F1.


 We need to focus on his record against Max Verstappen since he joined Red Bull at the start of 2021 that gives us a sample set of 11 events Perez has won five of them for step and four in qualifying including the Baku Sprint shootout Perez has beaten Verstappen seven times out of 12 in qualifying yet the only Orthodox circuit he's ever out-qualified him at was similar in 2021 there are some caveats here Verstappen would have likely out-qualified Perez in Saudi Arabia this year but didn't due to mechanical troubles.

Perez the street fighter

Perez's formidable on Street tracks and while it's perhaps a stretch to say he's f1's outright best Street Track racer he's certainly among that leading group as Rebel team boss Christian Horner was quick to tell Verstappen over the radio after the checkered flag in Baku Perez got a little lucky with the timing of the safety car which came out just after verstappen pitted from the lead that meant Perez got the advantage of making his stop while the field was traveling slowly allowing him and Charlotte Clair's Ferrari to rejoin ahead of Verstappen.

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