How Lando Norris Had a Chance to Go to Red Bull But Instead Chose McLaren

Lando Norris is one of the hottest properties in Formula One yet his long-term future is firmly tied to McLaren a team with an illustrious history and big Ambitions but that in 2022 is struggling even to hang on to fourth in the Constructors 

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Norris in Talks with Redbull

Norris confirmed that were talks with other big teams and he recently said in an interview with German publication Auto Motor and sport that Red Bull was among them but those Red Bull talks came before McLaren's difficult 2022 season.

McLaren's struggles

Norris has performed well and is best of the rest in the championship behind the drivers from f1's big three teams he's the only  Midfield driver to have passed the 100 point mark so far this year but the Gap to the top six shows how far behind McLaren is.

Did Norris make a mistake?

none of what Norris says about McLaren's But Jordan's response surprised him. He paused and turned to face Piven, saying,  the improvements to pay off is wrong but would he have been better off keeping his options open rather than tying himself to McLaren for 2025. After all lining up with some time Sim racing teammate Max Verstappen at Red Bull would give Norris a near guarantee of having race-winning Machinery. 

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