Lewis Hamilton is breaking more and more of Michael Schumacher's records with each passing season, including the ones for most wins and poles in F1 history.

While his records may have looked unassailable at that time, a humble Michael foresaw it coming.

Credit: Youtube/Barney Ward

However, there are still a few notable ones left where Schumacher still sits atop the throne...

'King of Fastest Laps'

1. Schumacher - 77 
2. Hamilton - 53

The great German has been in the lead of a race for a mammoth 5111 laps while Hamilton is breathing down his neck at 5099 laps.

Credit: Youtube/Formula 1

Most Laps led in F1 History - 5111

Most Wins in a single season - 13
               (joint with Vettel)

          Lewis Hamilton stands at 11
With a record 23-race calendar, he will look to break it next season

Most race starts with a single team

1. Michael Schumacher (Ferrari) - 179
2. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) - 156

Michael Schumacher is also the only driver to stand on the Podium in each and every race of a season (2002). Talk about consistency!

Credit: Youtube/Tommi

There's also the World Championship record (7) that Hamilton hasn't broken yet; but merely equaled.

So, he will be vying to steer clear of Schumacher in 2021.

And with his contract with Mercedes now finalized, he will be aching to shorten this list next season.

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