Inside Michael Schumcher's car collection

Michael Schumacher achieved tremendous success on the track which translated to financial prosperity off it.

Naturally, he has an enviable collection of cars to his name.

The German has a unique place in Cologne where he houses all of his cars, including the original 7 F1 cars which propelled him to his championships. 

Credit: Youtube/GarethDavies

Schumi's Cologne Museum

It does not only contain his racing cars but also a variety of road cars. Also, some of the supercars he helped develop at Ferrari & Mercedes.

Credit: Youtube/Gareth Davies

Private supercar collection

Enzo Ferrari

This is one of the famous cars that he designed while at Ferrari. He even got this as a gift from the Italian outfit. It has a top speed of 391 km/hr..

Credit: Youtube/ZigWheels

Ferrari F430 Scuderia

Ferrari FXX

Mercedes SL63 AMG

While Michael collected a plethora of fast cars, he only drove at full speed when he was on the racing track.

Otherwise, the simple German was never into luxury cars and actually drove FIAT roadcars.

FIAT 500

FIAT Chroma

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