Lando Norris & Zak Brown Join Hands to Invest $37 Million in Exciting F1 Venture

The fast-paced F1 is slowly adding a lot of entertainment value to the sport. Previously, F1 made a docuseries called ‘Drive to Survive’, which became extremely popular on Netflix. Now, F1 is soon expanding its F1 Arcade venture to all parts of the world. McLaren driver, Lando Norris, and CEO Zak Brown also join hands to invest massively in F1 Arcade. 

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What is F1 Arcade?

Credit - F1 Arcade YouTube

It’s an Arcade, where all the F1 fans can enjoy food, and drinks, play games, and also enjoy F1 races live. Notably, it has already opened in London in 2022. It’s also featured in the ‘Drive to Survive' docuseries as well.  It will open in Boston, USA in 2024. Also, it aims to bring more fans into the sport, F1. 

F1 Arcade CEO is hopeful

F1 Arcade CEO, Adam Breeden is hopeful that the brand will become one of the global brands, as he said, “We believe F1 Arcade has the potential to become one of the most sought-after experiential hospitality brands globally.

The McLaren team is joining hands 

Lando Norris and Zak Brown another Amercian driver, Logan Sargeant invested around $37 million in this project. They are fully trusting this process, as F1 Arcade is planning to open 30 locations worldwide by 2027. 

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