Lewis Hamilton Wears $225,000 Masterpiece Instead of his Usual Mercedes' $232,000,000 Sponsor at the NBA Playoffs

LeBron James and company secured their place in the Western Conference Finals during Friday's game between the LA Lakers and Golden State Warriors, which featured a star-studded night. Lewis Hamilton was watching the action from courtside and greatly loved seeing LeBron James and Steph Curry square off. Some fans, nevertheless, spotted something odd about his appearance that may annoy one of Mercedes' most important advertisers.

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Hamilton supports lebron james

Before the action restarts in Italy, Formula 1 is now in the middle of a one-week break. Most of the drivers spend their time doing the things they enjoy outside of Formula 1. Not surprisingly, Lewis Hamilton was spotted watching the game with Leonardo DiCaprio. Naturally, Hamilton supported LeBron, whom he subsequently praised in an Instagram post.

Lewis Hamilton ditches a major Mercedes sponsor to complete his look

Barring AlphaTauri and Haas, every F1 team has a sponsorship deal in place with some watch manufacturer giant or the other. Mercedes is one of those teams and has been in partnership with IWC for 10 years now. That gives their drivers access to their ultra-exclusive, high-end wristwatches. And to be fair, you often see Hamilton and George Russell wear them proudly. But that did not happen when Lewis made an appearance at the Lakers game. Surely this will irk his team’s $232 million-worth sponsor (according to peopleai.com) as the 7-time champion’s pictures from the event continue to go viral

According to the popular Instagram account ‘insaneluxurylife’, Hamilton sported a Patek Phillipe Nautilus 5980 Chronograph. The 18k rose gold watch, as per them, holds a market price of $225,000. The timepiece is a solid hit among celebs ever since it hit the market in 2013.

Fans left in shock with Hamilton’s decision

Mercedes hasn’t had the best of time in F1 since Hamilton’s ugly defeat in Abu Dhabi in 2021. However, IWC did not pull out as the Silver Arrows’ sponsor. Moreover, as per Oracle Time, the luxury watch brand has an exclusive IWC “Lewis Hamilton” Edition. Perhaps this is the reason why fans couldn’t believe it when Hamilton turned up for the game with a Patek Phillipe and not an IWC.
“Where is your IWC ??”
“Isn‘t he supposed to wear IWC?”

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