Lewis Hamilton's $25,000 Worth Privacy Protection Genius

7-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton has many many accolades on the track, which actually earned him some lucrative deals with top brands from all over the world. Moreover, he’s one of the richest racecar drivers in the world. Despite all that, he still remains down to earth, as he made an investment of around $25,000 to protect his privacy in public. 

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Lewis Hamilton’s lackluster 2023 season 

Hamilton recently had a 4th place finish at the Monaco GP. This season, he has fallen really far behind Max Verstappen and the Red Bull. Hamilton is currently in 4th position in terms of drivers’ standing. On the other hand, Mercedes is in 3rd in the constructor’s Championship. 

Hamilton’s massive net worth

Despite a lackluster season in 2022 and in 2023 so far, he is still one of the richest racecar drivers. He has a net worth of around $285 million. His endorsement deals with some of the biggest brands, like Tommy Hilfiger, Puma, and Monster Energy, certainly helped. 

Hamilton’s $25,000 privacy protection investment 

In a recent interview, Hamilton revealed that he bought a Mini Cooper 1965, which cost him around $25,000. He uses this car to go out in public. Moreover, this car has a nostalgic value, as he drove his mom’s Mini Cooper when he was really young. Certainly, it reminds him of his parents and his roots. 

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