Money, Fire & Racing – F1 Genius Bernie Ecclestone Grabs F1 World’s Attention With Latest Big Screen Project

The former F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone is coming up with a documentary on his life in F1. BAFTA-winning film director Manish Pandey is helming this project. The 8-part documentary series named ‘Lucky!’ will be a detailed feature on Ecclestone’s journey of building Formula 1.

What will the documentary focus on?

The documentary will feature the former F1 CEO and his story at the pinnacle of motorsport. Bernie gave exclusive rights to his story to Manish Pandey and his production company, Jiva Maya. Pandey also produced the BAFTA-winning film, Senna, featuring Ayrton Senna’s life story.

The teaser is out already!

In the teaser, we can majorly see three things: money, fire (cars burning) & of course racing. Fans are particularly excited to watch the ruthless ex-boss of F1 and hear his personal perspective. The documentary feature’s first episode, “Forged by War” is set to come out in December.

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