Despite Recent $1 Million Loss, Neymar Jr Spotted Gambling at the 2023 Monaco GP

PSG star, Neymar Jr. recently attended the Monaco GP as one of the special guests of the Red Bull team. He showed his support for both the Red Bull drivers, as Max Verstappen clinched the victory. However, he was spotted at a casino gambling the night before the race just a few weeks after he lost nearly $1 million. 

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How did Neymar lose $1 million?

As per reports, Neymar was gambling on an online platform while streaming on Twitch, where he lost nearly $1 million. Notably, Neymar has not played soccer for the last 3 months due to an ankle injury. He has a contract with PSG till 2025, while the rumors about him leaving PSG are circulating. 

Neymar attended the Monaco GP

While his team, PSG clinched the League 1 title on Sunday, he was busy with the Red Bull team at Monaco GP. Moreover, he was a special guest for Red Bull, as he showed support for the F1 team. 

Neymar was spotted gambling 

As per, Neymar was spotted in the VIP area on Saturday, where he was caught playing poker. Notably, he recently lost $1 million while gambling online. After gambling and partying, he left the place around 2 am in the morning. 

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