Wolff Swears, Bottas bares: Netflix F1 SERIES Drive to Survive Funny moments

Season 3 of Netflix's F1 docuseries, Drive to Survive, just landed on our lap.

Here are the few scenes which had us rolling on the floor laughing...

Vettel mocks Ferrari

While being told to not use his 'comical' helmet at the Belgian GP, Vettel proceeds to take a dig at Ferrari.

Credit:Twitter/F1 Reaction Pictures

Lando doing Lando things

Lando pokes fun at the security lady who is checking his 'hot' temperature.

Credit:Twitter/F1 Reaction Pictures

To whom it may concern - F**k you

Toto Wolff brings out the cuss words as he hilariously brushes off questions regarding Bottas.


Nak*d Valtteri

The ice-cold Finnish driver went for a fully-unclothed sauna and we wonder how it was even filmed!

Arrogant Ricciardo?

While we see other athletes being all intense and serious when talking of their own abilities, Daniel is the opposite.

Credit:Twitter/F1 Reaction Pictures

Guenther is back

Everyone's favorite superstar of the series, Guenther Steiner, was at his unfiltered best as he mocked his fellow team bosses.


Typical Kimi

For fans of Kimi Raikkonen, this is just TV gold as the Finn just ignores the instructions.


Fake BS

This moment was funny as the announcement for Perez was made much earlier but Netflix tried and failed to create a fake drama here.


Toto has fun at Horner's expense

Toto Wolff fails to contain his smirk as his rivals, Red Bull, struggles while Mercedes flourishes.

Credit:Twitter/F1 Reaction Pictures

Dancing Daniel

The Australian gets a taste of his own medicine here.

Credit:Twitter/F1 Reaction Pictures

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