Ugliest Moments in Hamilton-Rosberg F1 Rivalry

Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton were inseparable in their childhood.

However, their relationship strained when they competed for the F1 Title in 2014. It led to heated moments on and off the track. 

2014 Belgian GP

This is the turning point in their rivalry which was respectful up until this point. Rosberg clattered into Hamilton and had to retire with a puncture.

Credit: Youtube/BBC Sport

Nico hit me

In what was typical of his brutally honest nature, Mercedes' Niki Lauda laid the blame on Rosberg for the deliberate crash.

Credit: Youtube/BBC Sport

Rosberg's Fault - Lauda

2016 Abu Dhabi GP

At their final battle, the F1 Title was at stake. So, Hamilton went against Mercedes and backed Rosberg into a charging Vettel. It ultimately failed.

Credit: Youtube/SSB

Hamilton defies team orders

2014 Engine Mode Controversy

First, Rosberg broke protocol in Bahrain by enabling a stronger engine than what Hamilton was in. Hamilton reciprocated it in Spain.

Credit: Youtube/BBC Sport

Rosberg-Hamilton Break Rules

2015 US GP

Lewis Hamilton sealed his 3rd F1 world title at this race. So, understandably, Rosberg was frustrated in the aftermath.

Credit: Youtube/Shessa

Caps come flying off

2016 Spanish GP

The worst possible scenario imaginable for an F1 team became a reality. Both the parties pointed finger at each other, though none was clearly to blame.

Credit: Youtube/F1

Mercedes' Double DNF 

2015 Abu Dhabi GP

Hamilton let his foot off the gas after sealing the title in America and Nico won the last 4 races. Clearly, there was no love lost between the two.

Credit: Youtube/Amar Singh

Sneaky Lewis takes a shot

2016 Austrian GP

Once again, the two had a coming together in Styria. Luckily, it was at the final lap and Lewis went on to win the race while Rosberg finished 4th.

Credit: Youtube/Formula 1

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