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Top 5 Crashes Involving 6-Time World Champion Lewis Hamilton

Top 5 Crashes Involving 6-Time World Champion Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton may be a 6-time World Champion, but he isn’t immune to crashing. The British driver has seen his fair share of crashes and may have caused a couple of them. So, what are some of the biggest Formula One crashes involving the Mercedes superstar?

2012 Belgian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton was a completely innocent victim in this massive accident at the start of the race. Things were triggered when Pastor Maldonado jump-started, then, Romain Grosjean wiped out Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Kamui Kobayashi and Sergio Perez.

In the end, the Frenchman copped a one-race ban, the first time it was handed, in a long time. Fortunately, everyone escaped the crash unharmed, although there was a huge mess at the La Source Hairpin.

2016 Spanish Grand Prix

This crash was one of the most controversial incidents in the Briton’s career. While defending the lead from teammate Nico Rosberg, the two tangled and took each other out. The incident took place at the exit of Turn 3 as Rosberg forced Hamilton onto the the grass. Hamilton’s now out-of-control Mercedes careened into Rosberg and gave him a taste of his own medicine.

2008 Canadian Grand Prix

This particular incident was more embarrassing than anything else for Lewis Hamilton. During the race, Kimi Raikkonen and Robert Kubica had lined up alongside each other and were waiting for the pit lane light to turn green. However, Lewis Hamilton, having also made his pitstop, failed to see the red light and clipped Raikkonen. Both drivers were out, and Raikkonen even pointed to the light at the end of the pit lane before walking back to the Ferrari garage.

2011 Canadian Grand Prix

Without a doubt, this race would go down as a classic, for the way Jenson Button won after coming from the back. However, during his journey to the front, he was battling teammate Lewis Hamilton. He squeezed Hamilton into the wall, putting him out of the race, and copped a penalty afterwards.

2012 European Grand Prix

This was the one time when Lewis Hamilton learned the hard way not to mess with Pastor Maldonado. He dove down the inside of the Venezuelan and was on the outside on the next corner. However, his rear wheel caught Maldonado’s front wing and he was punted into the barrier

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