Understanding the Drama Behind Ferrari & Mercedes’ Budget Cap Battle Against Red Bull

With Max Verstappen at the Singapore Grand Prix, Red Bull can win the second consecutive world championship. However, the Austrians must contend with claims that they broke the city-state rules.


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What happened?

Two teams are alleged to have gone over Formula 1's permitted cost cap last season, according to a report. These teams' identities are not publicly known. But on the pit lane, it is obvious that these are Red Bull and Aston Martin.

How does Red Bull react?

Dr. Helmut Marko, the head of Motorsport, made a microphone response regarding the accusations. "This is an ongoing procedure, there are ongoing discussions where certain points are clarified. But we're not too worried about that at the moment," said the 79-year-old Austrian.

How does the competition react?

Mercedes, is certain that the World Cup rival has broken a rule. "We've all been thoroughly audited and as far as I know there is a team with a minor breach - rather a procedural error - and a team that is massively over the border."

What penalties are in the room?

It is against the rules to exceed the cost cap. Exceedances of up to $5,000,000 are regarded as "small rules violations." In the event of more significant infractions, harsher penalties up to a subsequent point deduction are possible, depending on the car, engine, and sport.

When is a decision made?

There will definitely not be a decision made yet in Singapore. The FIA is anticipated to release its review's results to the public the following week.


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