Watch: "Perfect Stepdad" Max Verstappen's Adorable Moment with Kelly Piquet's Daughter Penelope

"Never underestimate the power of Love," reads Kelly Piquet's Instagram bio, who is Max Verstappen's girlfriend. Verstappen and Piquet are the "it couple," and while we may never get tired of watching them, a newcomer has us smitten with her interactions with "Maxie." Penelope Piquet, Piquet's daughter, is who it is. The small marvel frequently appears while Dutchman is simulating a race. And she did it once more.

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adorable moments 

Max Verstappen had once admitted to never really switching off. Meaning in his off time he still races, does pit stops and overtakes. While we saw him get behind the wheel virtually, we also saw Penelope coming in for interactions, where sometimes she called him over for a tea party to her, giving him innumerable hugs and kisses.

max verstappen being the perfect step dad

And this time their rendezvous involves a pink fluffy stuffed toy. While Max was on his simulator setup enjoying racing in the two-week-long break, Piquet’s daughter came in to bash his face with a bunny rabbit toy. This has made fans swoon over his daddy abilities.

Fans applaud Max Verstappen’s handling of Penelope

Living together at Max's flat in Monaco is Kelly. Additionally, the Brazilian model's Instagram stories and pictures frequently depict a content family. When the group is out on a boat, Max will play jigsaw puzzles with P and teach her how to drive a kart. The internet previously dubbed him a "dotting dad," and this time around it has dubbed him a "perfect stepdad".

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