Watch: Roger Federer's Security Misbehaving with F1 Legend Sir Jackie Stewart at the Miami GP

Finally, the Miami Grand Prix race weekend is done. Like previous year, celebrities from various walks of life converged onto the location to signify their attendance, and the event ended up being a star-studded affair. Even the race itself passed without a hitch, with Max Verstappen triumphing against all odds after defeating Sergio Perez of his own team. Fans, however, have been left with a bad taste in their mouths due to a brief act of contempt for a sporting great.

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miami gp a staple f1 event 

The Miami GP has been a staple on the F1 calendar for two years and has gained popularity among celebrities. As was the case last year, the elite began travelling to the paddock on Friday. When Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez met and chatted with McLaren drivers Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri, it was the beginning of everything. Tennis great Roger Federer headed to the track as the race came to a close. Sir Jackie Stewart, a three-time F1 world champion, was nearby. But he afterwards saw how humiliating the situation was for him.

 Roger Federer’s security disrespects an f1 legend

Roger Federer thoroughly enjoyed himself while watching the major event. He had access to extra advantages, such as staying on the track after the race, because he was a star athlete. Jackie Stewart wished to speak with the person he most likely admires. However, it's likely that Roger's security did not recognise him and halted him, directing him to turn away.

f1 fans are furious at roger federer's security

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