"We Crush Them": Fernando Alonso Warns Lewis Hamilton & Mercedes Signalling Aston Martin Comeback

The 2023 season is witnessing a different Fernando Alonso, as he has become a true team man. He showed respect toward his team previously at Monaco. He showed his team spirit once again at Spanish GP. On the other hand, Aston Martin did not have a great result in Barcelona, as the Mercedes team leapfrogged them in the constructors’ championship. Now, Alonso showed his competitive side, as he gives a warning to Lewis Hamilton and co. 

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Aston Martin’s mediocre Spanish GP

At the Spanish GP, Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso achieved 6th and 7th place respectively. On the other hand, the Mercedes duo, Hamilton and Russell finished P2 and P3, respectively. Notably, the Mercedes made some upgrades. Now, the Aston Martin team is in 3rd place with 134 points, behind Mercedes (152 points). 

Alonso showed great team spirit in Barcelona 

Notably, Alonso had his lowest finish of the season at P7 in Barcelona. He had the chance to clinch P6, as Stroll was ahead of him. However, he decided not to challenge Stroll, as he showed great team spirit. He said, “For us, it was the same—seventh and sixth, sixth and seventh. Same points. So bringing the car home felt like the right choice.”

Alonso’s warning to Hamilton and Mercedes 

Speaking about his poor qualifying at the Spanish GP, Alonso said, “We would have started alongside Hamilton and could have had some better chances.” He further said, “It’s true that Mercedes gained some important points, but we again gained points on Ferrari.” Speaking about challenging Mercedes, he said, “In Canada, we’ll bring more things, and in Silverstone too… will crush them (Mercedes).”

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