When F1 Drivers Got Into Physical Fights After Heated on-Track Moments

F1 is a sport of fine margins. So, sometimes the battle bewteen the drivers on the track can boil over off it.

Here, we look at the few times, when it extended beyond a few verbal volleys...

Nelson Piquet vs Eliseo Salazar

1982 German GP

Piquet was on his way to lap the Chilean counterpart, but Salazar failed to slam the brakes going into the chicane. Both of them collided out of the race.

Credit: Youtube/Formula 1

A furious Nelson Piquet made his way out of the car and proceeded to launch a physical assault on Salazar in the middle of the circuit.

Credit: Youtube/Formula 1

Schumacher vs Coulthard

1998 Belgian GP

The lead Ferrari driver was bidding to lap DC who did not see him in his mirrors because of the torrontial downpour.

Credit: Youtube/Stressball 13

In the pits, the German got out of his race and stormed into Coulthard's garage. Luckily, the crew members restrained him.

Credit: Youtube/Formula 1

Max Verstappen vs Esteban Ocon

2018 Brazilian GP

While Max was cruising nicely at the top of the pack, a faster Ocon came from behind to unlap him and disaster struck.

Credit: Youtube/Formula 1

In the weighing room, Max confronted Ocon with a few shoves. His 'punishment' from the FIA was spending a weekend at a Formula E GP.

Credit: Youtube/Formula 1

These are all cases of drivers crashing while not even being in direct competition for places.

Hence, they highlight the importance of blue flags in F1.

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