When F1 Had 7 Different Winners in the First 7 Races of the Season

Like all classic seasons, the 2012 Formula One campaign was one of the wildest and most unpredictable in World Championship history. Along the way, there were incidents, accidents, surprises, and wild performance swings that made it impossible to predict what would happen next.

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7 differnt winners 

Seven drivers Jenson Button Fernando Alonso Nico Rosberg Sebastian Vettel Pastor Maldonado Mark Webber and Lewis Hamilton won in the first seven races of 2012 there was not a repeat winner until the 8th race. 

THE Pirelli TYres 

At the heart of
 the performance wings were the Pirelli tyres that baffled everyone a change to a more Square sided shape was intended to spread the load on the tire but instead led to rear overheating and a struggle to get the tyres in the right operating window for a qualifying lap particularly in the first half of the season.


The Ferrari F 2012 was a dog at the start of testing struggling with a cow under exhaust design that was removed for the early flyaways they're notresponding well to upgrades later in the  season while the F 2012 later became an effective all-rounder working the capricious Pirelli rubber well on average it was only the fourth quickest car of the season but Alonso still won three times.

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