When Fernando Alonso had a Mysterious Crash in F1 Causing Alleged Memory Loss

In the world of Formula One, crashes are common but not all of them leave fans scratching their heads like the mysterious incident involving Fernando Alonso in 2015. The two-time world champion crashed into a wall during pre-season testing in Barcelona at a speed of 135 to 150 kilometers per hour, leaving him unconscious and with no memory of what happened. what happened on that day? 

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What happened on that day? 

Fernando Alonso crashed his car at Turn 3 during pre-season testing in Barcelona in 2015. McLaren initially blamed the accident on unpredictable gusts of wind, but the cause was unknown. Alonso reportedly suffered from memory loss and denied claims that he couldn't remember anything after the year 1995.

Credit source: YouTube

The mysterious crash of Fernando Alonso

The crash of Fernando Alonso during pre-season testing in 2015 at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, which raised many questions and concerns due to the conflicting accounts of the incident by McLaren and the driver himself.

The different theories about the crash

The different theories and speculations surrounding the cause of Fernando Alonso's crash, such as steering lock, gusty wind, electric shock, or fainting. The lack of official findings and telemetry data adds to the mystery of the incident.

The aftermath and ongoing interest in the crash

The aftermath of the crash, such as Fernando Alonso's absence from the following race due to a concussion, and the ongoing interest and conspiracy theories about the incident among fans and media. The conflicting accounts of McLaren and Alonso continue to raise eyebrows, and some believe that the full truth has not been revealed.

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